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12" Paper Lantern Melon Green Chevron

12" Paper Lantern Melon Green Chevron
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Product description

12" Chinese Japanese Paper Lantern

Diameter: 12"

Expanding with a metal frame

Bulb and cord are not included.

Decorate and style with Just Artifacts round  paper lanterns! Paper Lanterns can be the perfect design element for home or  outdoor décor. Embellish your next party, shower, wedding or event with patterned paper lantern decorations.   Light up the night or create soft ambiance with LED lights inside your  paper lanterns. You can assemble your paper lanterns easily by stretching  your lantern then simply inserting the plastic expander frame. Next, after your  lanterns are assembled, you can use clear fishing line or a string of lights to  hang your mini paper lanterns.

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