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Flying Chinese Sky (Floating) Lanterns

Chinese sky lanterns are the perfect accessories to enhance any occasion. These elegant, exquisite lanterns can create a stunning scene that can leave your guests completely mesmerized. Whether you want to celebrate your spouse's birthday party in a dazzling way or you want to celebrate Valentine's Day in the most romantic way, the graceful sky lanterns enable you to celebrate your special events in the most special way without paying load on your wallet.

Just Artifacts ends your search for quality sky lanterns. Our flying sky lanterns are made up of fire resistant, biodegradable paper and include the fuel cells. Our products are safe to use and are environment friendly. Starting from cylinder shaped to heart shaped lanterns, our store offers you sky lanterns in an array of shapes and colors at the most nominal rates.

Explore our store and go through our assorted collection of sky lanterns to find the most suitable ones for your occasion. Purchase our premium sky floating lanterns and let your guests marvel at the beauty of these Chinese lanterns as they glide silently into the night sky.

Please read the instructions from the manufacturer to light the lanterns.

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