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Parasols or decorative umbrellas have a lot of uses for the creative decorator or party planner. You can use them as a prop or as decor in a wedding, as an elegant touch in a photoshoot, to paint a scene on as part of an art project, or to complete your geisha costume.

Our silk parasols range from 21”-33” in diameter, while our Premium Silk Parasols range in size from 20”-33” in diameter. These beautiful parasols come in a full rainbow of colors and are made of sturdy nylon polyester material with a silky feel.

For a beautiful look at a lower price, you can choose from our beautiful, handcrafted Paper Parasols -- which are available in sizes from 12”-34” in diameter and also come in many colors.

We also offer adorable Mini Parasols that are just 11” in diameter -- small enough to use in a centerpiece.

Browse our beautiful parasols and umbrellas, and find the perfect prop for your party, costume or event!

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