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ECO Wire-free Cylinder White Chinese Flying Sky (Floating) Lantern

ECO Wire-free Cylinder White Sky Lantern
ECO Wire-free Cylinder White Sky Lantern
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SKU: WSL010007

Product description

  • ECO wire-free Cylinder Sky Lantern

    Just Artifacts offers beautifully crafted Chinese Sky Lanterns. Any event will be memorable with these illuminated flying Sky Lanterns. Create a wonderful 4th of July party, Memorial Day, festival or any other special occasion. With these Kongming Lights or also known as Fire Balloons you can add an attractive, elegant touch to any wedding, birthday party or holiday. Put to flight a breathtaking experience, make a wish and gaze upon it as it goes up into the twilight sky.

    Includes a pre-attached fuel cell
    Burn time approximately 3-5 minutes
    Made of fire resistant paper
    100% Biodegradable

    Approximate Dimensions:
    Width: 17 Inches
    Height: 30 Inches

    Prior to your sky lantern purchase, Just Artifacts advises you check with your local Fire Marshall to ensure sky lanterns are not prohibited in your area. Just Artifacts is not responsible and will not refund shipping upon the condition that the product is prohibited within the area the items are being used or delivered.

    Outside use only.
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