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Craft and Terrarium Decorative Colored Sand

One of the benefits of colored sand is the versatility, especially for arts and crafts projects. Our exclusive collection of craft sand is available in vibrant colors including but not limited to white, yellow, orange, doll pink, purple, pool blue, and green, which makes finding the color that is just right for your special project a breeze. Create a beautiful center piece, party favors, or share the sand with your little ones for fun sensory engagement. The possibilities are endless!

Aqua Sand

Dreaming of a nice beach vacation? Easily bring a little bit of those beach vibes to you with our colored sand. Pour different shades of colored sand into layers in a decorate vase, or create a nice beach scene using various colors of aqua and brown to create your ideal serene beach scene. Use the same sand to create unique favors for your beach wedding or center pieces for any beach themed event.

Makeup Brush Holder

Give the old makeup brush holder on your makeup vanity a quick and cost effective face lift by incorporating decorative craft sand. Choose from our collection of vibrant colors and pour sand into a small clear vase or tumbler. Layer the different colors of sand as you go to create a unique design. Once you have created a design that you love, place your makeup brushes into the makeup brush holder with the handles facing down and bristles facing. Voila! Your unique creation is now on display, and the sand colors you choose can easily tie together the entire room!

Play Area

Make play time fun by incorporating vibrantly colored craft sand. Craft Sand is great for sensory engagement as it encourages little ones to use their hands as well as their imaginations. Don’t forget to include aquatic molds in your play area for your little ones to pack with sand! Creating bright and colorful sea creatures is sure to provide hours of entertainment. When play time is over, the craft sand can easily be stored in bottles or bags for convenient clean up and storage.

Sand Art for Flower Vases

Personalize your flower vases by layering different shades of colored sand, and then add your favorite flower arrangement. A beautiful design is formed as you pour layers of colored sand into the flower vase, so feel free to let the creative juices flow and use as many or as few colors as you like. This simple and creative design hack can easily elevate your décor. With so many different colors to choose from, matching any season or events’ color scheme will seem effortless.

Mini Zen Garden

Make time for calmness and mindfulness with your very own mini zen garden! Simply pour the colored sand of your choice into a bowl or clear dish. Next, add your favorite pebbles, succulents, or figurines and place your creation on your desktop or coffee table. Creating your very own min zen garden is great way to be creative, but don’t forget to set aside time to play in your zen garden to reduce stress.

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