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How to Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Fluffing Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Here at Just Artifacts we love tissue paper pom poms! They come in an array of colors and sizes and we have over 300 options for you to choose from!! Unfortunately tissue paper isn't always that much fun to work with. With this tutorial we hope that you will feel much more confident in your tissue pom fluffing skills.

Measure the half way point. When you receive your tissue poms they will arrive in a plastic sleeve with a ribbon wrapped around it. Carefully open the plastic sleeve and pull out your pom and the ribbon. Once you lay out your pom, grab a ruler and mark the exact half way point with a pencil. If you skip this step you will mostly likely end up with a lopsided pom instead of a nice round shaped pom.

Tie the ribbon on. Using the mark on your pom, tie the ribbon around the pom with a knot. Try to do it as tight as possible so that it doesn't slip around.

Pull up the tissue layers individually. Starting on one side, fan out the folded pom. Gently pull up one piece of tissue paper all the way to the center where the ribbon is. Try to pull it up as close to the ribbon as possible. How close you are able to get to the ribbon on your first layer will make a difference in the rest of the layers. IF it rips, DON'T worry, you won't notice it when you're all done.

Alternate on all four sides. Once you have one layer of the first side done, start on the opposite side as shown above. Flip over the pom and do one layer each of both sides. Alternating between the four sides, continue pulling out the individual layers of tissue paper.

Fluff and adjust as needed. When you have pulled up all the layers of the pom you can start fluffing and adjusting the pom to the exact shape you want, filling in some gaps. Did you rip any layers? Can you even tell?

Your tissue pom is now fluffed and ready to hang! The first one or two poms may seem time consuming and frustrating. Once you get the hang of it, you will fly right through them without thinking twice about how imperfect perfect they are. Invite a friend over to help you, turn on some good music, and just remember to have fun with them!

Just Artifact's tissue poms are great for:
  • hanging above buffet tables
  • decorating the yard for a backyard party
  • hanging above a child's bed or crib
  • a photo booth backdrop
  • stringing on a garland

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