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Inspiration and DIY Ideas - December 2014


Holiday Party Table Settings
December 21, 2014

Are you hosting a last minute holiday party and need some ideas for decorating the tables? Look no further! Just Artifacts has everything you need to make your tables look fun and festive and require minimum dishes to clean! Check out their entire line up of Christmas and holiday items! We had so much fun putting these together and hope you find something to spark your creativity.

The first table we have uses a traditional green and red Christmas theme. We browsed the holiday buffet supplies and ended up using red paper plates, green wooden cutlery, red party napkins, mason jars with festive daisy lids, and some fun paper straws. We raised some lanterns in the middle for the centerpiece and used some mini paper lanterns to add some extra color. To finish it off we filled some ice cream cups with chocolate treats for the guests to nibble on after dinner but before dessert. By using the burlap table runner down the middle it draws the eye to the centerpiece.

Our next table can be used for any type of holiday party you might be throwing: Hanukah, winter wonderland, or just a generic holiday party. For this one we stuck with a blue and white theme. We thought it would be fun to do a couple of shades of blue and add some silver in as well. Like the above table we used paper plates, party napkins, wooden cutlery, and fun paper straws. For this centerpiece we found a blue piece of fabric and then lots of different sizes of wax candles. Did you know that Just Artifacts carries a wide range of candles for every occasion? We added a couple of tissue poms to mix things up a bit. We scattered chocolates and mints around the centerpiece for our guests.

So which table do you like more? What would you add to them? There are so many different and fun ways to decorate your table and we'd love to hear what ideas you have.

Gift Wrapping Made Fun!
December 8, 2014

The holiday season is in full swing! Work and school parties, meeting Santa, shopping for food and presents, and everything in between! I don't know about you, but we always wait until the last minute to get our Christmas shopping done. But if we're going through all the effort to think of the perfect gifts then we might as well take an extra few minutes and make my gifts stand out from the rest. Luckily, Just Artifacts makes it so easy!

First, lets pick a festive color scheme. We love traditional Christmas colors because of how cheerful they are. We picked out the following products in red and green: Once we had all of those picked out we then went to the store and picked out the perfect wrapping paper. Made sure to pick out paper that isn't too overwhelming and will let the accents speak for themselves.

Next came the fun part. We had so much fun wrapping these gifts. Try to make all of the packages different, yet all cohesive. The part that may take the longestis fluffing the tissue poms. This can be the perfect opportunity to invite a friend over for help and hot cocoa! For the gift tags, We wrapped different washi tapes around the edge which will help add some color. One row looks good, but two rows of contrasting tapes looks even better.

We doubled up our bakers twine before wrapping it around the gift. Once your tag is on, it won't even need anything else. Our favorite part about these gifts is actually the tissue poms. They look so fun and festive and add dimension to otherwise square boxes. Make sure that when you are using the tissue poms that you are aware of the size of the pom and the size of the gift. Bigger poms can silly on smaller gifts. To use them we fluffed out the whole thing and then pushed out the sides so that the tissue pom pom lay flat on the gift. you can use some tape to make it stick.

Do you have any holiday gift wrapping traditions? Do you like to keep gifts simple or do you spend a lot of time and energy on gifts? Have you ever considered using tissue poms on your wrapped gifts?

Be sure to check out last week's post on paper lantern holiday decorations. And our festive DIY elf party hats!

Paper Lantern Holiday Tree Decorations
December 1, 2014

From all of us here at Just Artifacts we hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving holiday filled with laughter, family, and fun!

Have you seen the 3" mini paper lanterns at Just Artifacts yet? They are so perfect and fun to work with. Once I decided that I wanted to use them on my Christmas tree, the ideas kept coming. With two toddlers in the house these are tree decorations because they are unbreakable!! (Unless my 1 year old tries to eat them.) BUT...I'm having a hard time deciding which way to use them this year. Here are my options:

1. COLOR THEME. I can pick one color of lanterns and use them as ornaments along with other plain color ornaments to decorate my tree. I already have some pretty white stars and white ornaments and so by adding the white lanterns to the tree, it adds an elegant touch. My tree also has white lights and I really like the idea of a pretty all white tree this year.

2. LIGHT UP LANTERNS. Since the lights on the tree are white, I think it might be fun to try putting some of the lanterns over the lights and therefore illuminating them. With festive color lanterns this makes the tree glow. I can add some soft ornaments into the tree too to add some more dimension.

3. STRINGING TOGETHER. I can string the lanterns all together with fun ribbon and wrap it around the tree. I can add my white stars into this and still have some fun color added into the tree.

4. DIY CRAFT ORNAMENTS. The last option I have is to use the lanterns to customize them into fun ornaments. I decided red is perfect for Santa's belly. White is perfect for snowmen. And green perfect for little elves. If needed, I can also get brown for some reindeer and blue for some snowflakes. With some glue and card stock paper these would be pretty quick and easy to make.

So what do you guys think? I'm leaning more toward the DIY craft ornaments because it will make my tree unique, but any of the options would do that. So I'm not sure what to do. Leave a comment with what you think is best.

Check out last week's post on Elf Party Hats for more DIY ideas. Come back next week to get some fun ideas on wrapping gifts this year!


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