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Inspiration and DIY Ideas - March 2015


A Pink Princess Party
March 27, 2015

Nothing is quite as adorable as a little girl who loves the color pink and anything to do with princesses. Put those together and you have a perfect party set up. With this as your theme for a birthday party you really can't go wrong. We wanted to make this party as magical and whimsical as possible and, of course, perfect for the little princess.


Make sure each of the guests receive their very own paper crown. Pinks and purples and different patterns will make the table look extra colorful. You can decorate the back ground with tissue poms. To make the party more personal use the tissue poms to create a monogram for the princess that she can later hang up in her room.


Place paper ice cream cups along the table filled with little treats for your guests to nibble on.


For the balloons you will need a pink jumbo balloon with tassels and a jumbo number 3 balloon. You will also want some pink and white regular balloons around the party. Maybe by the food and in front of the house.


For the drinks tie pink tulle around the jars and finish them with a bow or knot (these would also be really cute with the pink daisy lids). We had two shades of pink tulle that we alternated on the jars. Finish them off with these adorable paper straws with pink crowns on them.

For the table setting you will want to get everything in shades of pink and purple. You can even mix up the patterns. Stripes for the plates, chevron for the napkins, and polka dots for the cutlery.

Once your party is all ready, just wait for all the little princesses to arrive. If you're inviting some little boys be sure to add in more colors for the cutlery and crowns. And here's a quick glimpse of the princess herself.

Do you have any girls in your life that would love a pink princess party? What is your favorite part of this party set up?

Easter Basket Ideas for Her
March 20, 2015

Easter is just around the corner and guess what?!? kids aren't the only ones who like surprises on Easter morning. Put together a surprise for that special mom, wife, sister, friend, or teacher this Easter with a cheerful Easter basket just for her. Check out Just Artifacts entire line of Easter goodies to get even more ideas!

Paper straws are just fun plain to use. She can use these at home for sipping drinks on a nice spring day or for entertaining her friends when they stop by. Just trust me when I tell you that they really do make people happy. Don't forget to put them in a mason jar with a daisy lid too!

You must include some washi tapes in her favorite colors. There is a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from and they're all so great that she will not be disappointed. There are endless possibilities for their use.

Chocolates are always a good idea. Personalize them by wrapping them in strips of paper and sealing the deal with washi tapes. Personalizing them takes an extra couple of minutes, but it will be worth it.

Just Artifacts carries an entire line of hand fans. Pick one up for the girl in your life to store in her purse or diaper bag. That way she can have it on hand for these upcoming hot months ahead and you will be the mastermind behind keeping her cool.

To make things extra special, add some pretty jewelry. This is bound to get some smiles out of her. With all of the fun spring colors that are out, you're bound to find just the thing that she will love whether it's earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet.

Other ideas to include in the basket are paper plates, baker's twine, and even more favorite treats! Hide them in some colorful Easter eggs or just throw them in. Wouldn't you love to be on the receiving end of something like this? Don't be afraid to share this post as a hint to someone in your life. What else would you add? Do you give baskets to your friends? Do you usually get a basket or put one together for yourself? We'd love to hear!

Paper Straws for Easter
March 13, 2015

Paper straws are so much fun and come in so many colors and designs. How can you pick just one?!? You can't which is why we are sharing some fun ways to use paper straws this Easter holiday. Now you have an excuse to buy an assortment! And might we suggest some beautiful pastel colors?

The first idea we have for you is a simple and fun way to share treats. Take the straws and put a couple of festive marshmallows on the end. That's it. Isn't that easy?!? You can display them in a mason jar with a daisy lid like we have here or take off the lid to hold a bunch more. This would be a fun little treat to have out during an Easter egg hunt.

The straws are perfect for making tissue pom flowers. These flowers can be used in vases or around the yard to add a soft colorful touch to your holiday. Tie the ribbon toward the bottom of your 5-6" tissue pom before opening the layers. Then you tie or tape the pom to a straw.

Use the straws in your child's crafts. There are lots of ideas for this on pinterest. For this craft we painted watercolors on some plain white cardstock. We then cut out the paper into egg shapes. Using baker's twine we attached the eggs to the straws, used some twine to hang the straw, and then hung the craft from an indoor doorknob. You can make other things besides eggs if you're feeling crafty: bunnies, chicks, or lilies.

And lastly, we can't forget that you can just use them as straws. Find some coordinating washi tape and you're set to go. Wrap the washi tape toward the top of the straw (not the very top because people need to still drink out of them). Use scissors to trim the end and make it look good.

What is your favorite way to use paper straws? Do you have a favorite design or color? Do you have an Easter celebration with your family? Be sure to check out Just Artifact's entire line of Easter decor.

St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Toppers
March 6, 2015

Are you feeling lucky? We sure are! Who doesn't love cupcakes with sprinkles!?! Today we have a fun way to display your St. Patrick's Day cupcakes. Today's tutorial is very similar to our bunting cake topper, but it's even easier. Since spring is in the air we went with a lemon cupcake, a light whipped frosting, and of course, rainbow sprinkles to top them off. Add some green and you're all set to celebrate the olde Irish holiday. Here's what you will need:
  • 2 paper straws
  • baker's twine
  • mini clothes pins (found at your local craft store)
  • cupcake wrappers
  • some heavy cardstock paper with "LUCKY" written or typed on it, then cut out
  • festive stickers (optional)

First, you will need to cut your straws to the desired length. If you're doing a cake, then you can keep them at their regular length. Tie the two ends of the baker's twine onto the straws. How long the twine is will depend on your personal preference and how big your letters are.

Cut out the letters from "LUCKY" and using the mini clothes pins, attach the letters to your baker's twine. When you lift the straws up, the letters may twist around. This is because the twine is twisted. After you have the straws inserted into the cupcakes, you will just need to adjust the clothes pins a bit until they hang down how you want them to. Make sure the paper is heavy so that the clothes pins don't hang upside down.

Wrap the cupcakes in your cupcake wrappers. I just did green, but green and yellow, or even a rainbow of colors would be fun, depending on how many cupcakes you are making. Finally you position the straws into the cupcakes just how you want them, making adjustments as needed. And voila! You're cupcakes are all ready!

What are your St. Patrick's Day plans? Do you remember to wear green or do you normally forget? Be sure to check out all of Just Artifact's St. Patrick's Day and Easter goodies


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