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Inspiration and DIY Ideas - April 2015


Rustic Place Setting
April 24, 2015

Mother's Day is right around the corner. I love Mother's Day and today's tutorial will be perfect for a Mother's Day brunch to honor all your favorite mothers in your life, whether they are real mothers or bonus mothers. What makes these so fun is that they will each turn out differently. Grab your sister and have fun putting these together!

You will need:

First you will need to cut your burlap to the thickness and length that will fit perfectly around your jars. Once you have it cut to the desired length, wrap the burlap around your jar and use a dab of hot glue to the ends to keep it wrapped. They don't all have to be the exact same and they don't all have to be perfect.

Now set the jars aside. Take your name tags and write the names of your guests on them. It's easier to write the names first instead of after, trust me. Cut off some flowers and greens at an appropriate length to your jars. Use your baker's twine and tie the flowers onto the name tag using a simple knot. Make sure your twine is long enough to wrap around to the back of the jar.

Now you need to tie on the name tags to the jars. Wrap the twine around the jar. You will want to use a dab of hot glue to keep the name tag in the right angle and place. It will fall over if you don't. Just put a dab on the back of the name tag and put it in the place where you want it. You will also want to put a dab of glue on the back where the ends of the twine are. This is all precautionary to make sure it doesn't slip around while your guests are drinking.

Put in a striped paper straw in a color that matches your flowers and you are all set to go- well after you add in a drink of course!! These would also be fun for a bridal or baby shower or maybe just a brunch with your favorite girlfriends.

Do you have plans for a Mother's Day brunch? Do you love fresh flowers as much as we do? Do you like the idea of using jars as a drink and a place setting? Do you let guests pick where they sit or do you like to assign seats?

Blue and Yellow Summer Party
April 17, 2015

I love everything about summer. Everything from the smells of sunscreen to lazy evenings sitting outside. Here is a fun party set up that will be sure to get all your friends and family ready and excited for summer! Just add a swimming pool and you'll be all set to go!

We decided to keep these cupcakes simple with just a dollop of frosting on the top. When you use fun cupcake wrappers, sometimes that's all you need! It might be fun to mix up the wrappers with different colors and patterns to add a fun variety. But if you have time a cute washi tape flag on a paper straw is always a good idea.

Use ice cream cups with wooden spoons to have little snacks on hand. Of course ice cream would be ideal, but you don't want it melting all over the place. Something salty and something sweet will be sure to please everyone's appetite.

Add a tissue paper tassel in your party theme colors. These look darling on the front of the table or hanging behind the table, depends on your party set up.

Paper party plates come in two sizes so you can pick which size you need. Small for desserts and snacks and large for full meals. Two different coordinating colors and patterns makes them stand out more. For your drinks, add a slice of fresh lemon and a paper straw to your jars of fresh lemonade to create a perfect summer vibe.

The finishing touch to the party spread comes when you add the fans and the parasol to the table decor. While you might be worried that it's too much, it's not, it's actually more fun. Use your napkins to help your cupcakes stand out and find some lemons to scatter throughout the table.

Do you have a favorite way to celebrate summer? What are your summer party plans this year? Do you prefer to host the party or be a guest?

Pink and Yellow Party Treats
April 10, 2015

Everyone knows the most important part of any party is the food. Just Artifacts makes that part so much easier for you with an entire line up of dessert buffet items. Today we want to share with you a couple of ways you can use the Just Artifacts supplies to spruce up your next party. Yellow and pink will be perfect for a bridal shower, a baby shower, or a birthday party!

The first one we have is cake pops. Have you ever made cake pops? They aren't too tricky to make, you just want to be sure you have all your supplies on hand when you get started. For these cake pops we used two different shades of pink paper straws. We also got some coordinating ribbon. Use the straws to make the cake pops and when they're done you just tie some ribbon toward the bottom with a single knot. It's amazing what a difference a little ribbon can make! Since we made white cake pops we wanted them to stand out more so we displayed them on pink scrapbook paper. By using the ribbon and the scrapbook paper it made the cake pops look extra fancy!

For the cupcakes we used paper straws, washi tape, and cupcake wrappers. We decided to do double flags just to change things up a bit. We used two different yellow washi tapes with different patterns. We changed up which pattern was on top.

First, cut the straws to the desired length. Then wrap the two different washi tapes around the straw in the same direction. Cut the tapes how you want them and stick them in your cupcake. Finish it off by wrapping the cupcake wrappers around the cupcake. We did these all in yellow, but they would also be fun in different colors too.

Have you ever made cake pops? Any tricks we should know about to make them perfect? What is your favorite way to use paper straws? What color do you think goes best with pink? Do you have any parties coming up that you might use these ideas for?

DIY Confetti Balloon with Tassels
April 3, 2015

From all of your friends here at Just Artifacts we wish you a happy and safe Easter weekend!

Everybody knows that balloons are the perfect finishing touch for any type of celebration. They're whimsical and festive and kids (and adults) love them. Just Artifacts has a wide variety of balloons to choose from. Not to mention they also have a colorful array of tassels to add the perfect finishing touch.

The first thing you will need to know how to do is make your own confetti. Just Artifacts makes this really easy for you. Purchase mini tissue poms in the coordinating colors of your choice. Since the tissue poms are already folded for you, it is less work for you in the long run. Just take scissors or a hole punch and cut out lots of circles. You can do this really quick and since you are putting the confetti in a balloon it doesn't even have to be perfect.

Once your confetti is made you will need to gather the rest of your supplies. You will need:

The opening on the jumbo balloons is pretty big so take your confetti and start putting it into the balloon. Use a pen or something long and skinny to help push them in if they're getting stuck. How much confetti you use depends on how full you want the balloon.

Once your balloons are ready you will need to fill them with helium. Call around to your local grocery and party stores to check and see if they fill latex balloons. Have them tie ribbon or baker's twine around the balloon.

Once home, use our tutorial on tissue paper tassels to get the tassels ready to attach to your balloon. How ever many tassels you are using, cut that many pieces of baker's twine into about 8 inch long strands. Use the strands of twine to tie the tassels onto the string. Tie them as tight as you can while still allowing it to move around a little bit. This will allow you to adjust and move around the tassels to where you want them. Once they are where you want them, tighten the strings and cut off the excess.

Once you have adjusted the tassels to where you want them, display your balloons where everyone can see!! These mix great with other jumbo balloons and standard size balloons.

Have fun with them but remember to not display them near trees because if the balloon pops then that's a big mess you'll have to clean up. These would look great at birthday parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, retirement parties, graduation parties, etc.


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