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Inspiration and DIY Ideas - May 2015


Patriotic Poms
May 27, 2015

Summertime means warm sunshine, backyard bbq's and of course our American pride. Kick off your all American summer with these fun patriotic poms.By decorating the mason jars with the poms you can avoid needing a center piece because the drinks are enough decor all on their own!

You will need: The first thing you need to do is open up your tissue poms. You will be separating the layers so keep that in mind.

Once the layers are separate you will layer the different colors on top of each other. I did red on bottom because it was the darkest color so I thought it would be best in back, but you can layer them according to your own preference. Fold them all back up together lined up with the existing creases. Pictured below I have them off centered, but you will want to line them all up before moving onto the next step.

Tie off the middle of the pom with ribbon that the poms come with or with some baker's twine. Pull up each layer individually starting with the top and bringing them up to the center. Repeat with both sides.

Cut off a piece of baker's twine that will be long enough to tie around your mason jar. Tie it to the center of your pom first.

Once it is all set to go you can tie it around your mason jar. Don't forget to add the daisy lid and the paper straw and of course your beverage of choice, might we suggest some refreshing lemonade!

Aren't these fun! Today's tutorial shows how you can use them on a mason jar for festive drinks but you can make them bigger by using bigger tissue poms or adding more layers in order to hang from the ceiling, use them as table decor, or just decorate the back yard. What is your favorite party about summer holidays? Do you get together with family? Do you stay home and celebrate or do you travel? Be sure to check out our whole line up of independence day party items!

Easy Napkin Cutlery Pockets
May 20, 2015

It's the small details that happen before the party starts that makes the party go smoothly. The food should all be prepared ahead of time. The decorations set up. The right music playing at just the right volume in the background. Today's tutorial is just one more thing that you can plan and prepare ahead of time that will allow your party to go just a little bit more smoothly. Whether you are doing assigned seats or a buffet style party, this little preparation will be sure to keep the ball rolling as smoothly as possible (at least until someone drops a casserole dish).

You will need:

With your napkin laying down, you will fold the bottom corner up to about the middle of the napkin.

Next fold over the corner on the right. It will go a little past the center of the napkin. The further you fold it the more narrow your pocket will be so you can determine that according to your own liking.

Fold over the left side far enough for the corner to wrap around the back. Again, how far you fold it will determine the width of the pocket.

Use a bit of washi tape to close the fold down on the back. Use a color that stands out to add a little pizzaz to your party or in a matching color to disguise it. Once you have it sealed and ready to go, slip the cutlery down into place and arrange as desired.

Pair this cutlery pocket with coordinating buffet items and you're set! If you are doing a buffet you can have these ready to grab and go at the end of the line. If you're doing a sit down dinner you can quickly place these out when you are setting up for your guests. Either way it will be a quick and easy solution to keep your party going. Do you have any other tips or tricks for keeping a party going smoothly. Do you think this is something that you would do or would you rather let people grab the cutlery and napkins they need?

Pineapple Party Favors
May 13, 2015

Last summer pineapples were the big rage and luckily for us it doesn't look like that's changing anytime soon. Pineapples are the perfect party inspiration. The bold greens and yellows stand out and make a statement like no other. Today we have a fun and easy tutorial for you that your guests can take home. And when we say easy, we mean easy as long as you know how to use a pair of scissors.

You will need:
Fill your party bags with yummy treats and surprises for your guests. Since we are adding name tags you can even throw something special in there for a special someone. Once it's full you will take a napkin and roll it up. When you roll it make sure that the fold of the napkin is at the bottom. Once it is rolled you will slip it into the bag about two inches down. Use the twine to secure the bag closed and to keep the napkin in place.

Starting on the outside of the napkin you will use scissors and cut 1/2 inch strips down toward the bag. Continue all the way around cutting the napkin down in strips.

When the slits are cut, manipulate the napkin to fall out like a pineapple top. This will require cutting some of the outside layers shorter so they hang differently.

Take your name tag and wrap two layers of the coordinating washi tape around the bottom. Personalize it with the names of your guests.

Tie the name tag on with your twine and finish it off with a bow.

See that wasn't too bad now was it. What do you think? Will you be having a pineapple party this year? What are your favorite party themes? Would you use a pineapple theme for a birthday party? What about a baby or bridal shower? What would you use to fill your bags? Be sure to head on over to Just Artifacts for all your pineapple party needs!

Graduation Banner DIY
May 6, 2015

The end of the school year is fast approaching. For many families that means graduation is looming just around the corner. Whether that special someone is graduating from kindergarten or with their PhD it's still very exciting and it means big changes are on the way. Today we have a fun tutorial for you that will add a bit of extra sparkle to your graduate's big day.

Supplies needed include:
  • Graduating year numbers
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Baker's Twine

Depending on the type of glue you are using you will want to spread it out with a paint brush. Fill in the numbers that you have with the glue and then dump the glitter on top. Hold the number you are putting glitter on over a piece of paper so you can reuse the excess glitter.

Once the glue has dried you will glue the numbers onto a piece of fun card stock. I chose a gold chevron print. Then glue that onto a solid color card stock. By the time you have the three layers of paper glued together it will be nice and sturdy. Use your ribbon to tie the corners together. This will allow it to hang nicely. Use baker's twine on the ends so that you can cut it the length needed to hang it up.

Grab some tissue poms and hang them above the banner to add more to the festivities. Layer your homemade banner with tissue tassels in your graduate's school colors to complete the look!


This would look great above or in front of a buffet table, as a photo backdrop, or just around the room adding to the festivities. Don't forget to swing by Just Artifact's website to finish off your party needs with paper straws, party plates, and of course jumbo foil number balloons!

Do you have any graduates this year? What year in school are they graduating from? What are their school colors. What are your plans to help celebrate your new graduate?

Mother's Day Brunch Must Haves
May 1, 2015

Mother's Day is on Sunday May 10th this year. Last week we shared a fun tutorial on a jar that works both for drinks and a place setting. If you don't have time to sit around making adorable place settings, then be sure to head over to Just Artifacts for your last minute brunch supplies. It's amazing how some fun party plates and supplies will keep your guests smiling.

Paper party plates come in two sizes. This will come in handy if you're serving a light brunch or a full meal. They will obviously also come in handy when dessert is served.

Also for the dessert or a small snack don't forget your ice cream cups. These are also perfect if you are planning to do yogurt parfaits. Whether for serving the toppings or using to eat out of, these are the perfect size.

Wooden cutlery and party napkins will make clean up a cinch! If you are doing a buffet style brunch you can either wrap the set up in a napkin and tie it off with twine or just have them in individual jars ready to be picked up.

Paper straws, like always, are a must have for every party and/or occasion. Add some washi flags in a contrasting color (seriously you can do this so fast) and you're all set.

Treat bags and/or popcorn boxes are perfect for sending home a little treat or gift with your guests. Whether it's something delicious like chocolate or something fun like lip gloss or nail polish these bags and boxes will make them that much more special. Use some baker's twine to finish them off.

And the last thing you don't want to forget is to stop by the store Saturday and pick up some fresh flowers. If you don't have time, then run outside and see what you can find from your yard (or your neighbor's yard if you ask permission).

What are your Mother's Day plans? Are you the type that likes to plan well in advance or save it for the last minute? Out of all the patterns and colors we have available, which ones are your favorite? Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for even more party ideas and inspiration.


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