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Inspiration and DIY Ideas - June 2015


4th of July Party!
June 23, 2015

The 4th of July is right around the corner and here at Just Artifacts you can find everything you need for your festivities. Last week we shared a fun 4th of July breakfast, but today we are taking it one step further and planning a fun backyard party.

You can create a festive backdrop with tissue honeycomb balls in red, white, and blue. We prefer to pair together the 8" an 12" honeycomb balls. Once we had all of them open we laid them on the ground. This allowed us to pick and choose which sizes and colors looked best next to each other. We used a stick and laid it on the ground above the balls. Keeping the balls in place, we tied fishing line to the stick and then down to the ball. How long you cut your fishing line will be determined on how high your ceiling is and how low you want the balls to hang. By doing it this way we were able to maintain the positions we had the balls in. Once we were all done we were able to hang the stick from the ceiling using fishing line.We hung a white sheet behind them so that they would stand out and look nicer. Make sure that sheet goes all the way to the ground.

To add some more festive colors and patterns look no further than paper cups with paper straws, all in red, white, and blue of course. We added a fun patriotic ribbon to the lemonade to bring it all together.


Wooden cutlery, paper plates, and party napkins are perfect for easy clean up.

To make the cake topper we cut out the letters "U", "S", and "A" in different colors and glued them together. We then used tape to attach the edges of the letters to two paper straws. This is the perfect topper to a simple cake. We used some cupcake wrappers in blue for all of the cupcake lovers at the party.

For the finishing touches we used red and blue bunting banners. We also got some fresh flowers and spread a few decorative candle lanterns around on the table. We used ice cream cups and wooden spoons for the dips.

How fun is that?!? Once the guests have started moving away from the food you can slide the food table over and use the honeycomb balls as a fun photo backdrop! (This is why the sheet needs to go to the ground). Just add some silly props and you'll be sure to get lots of smiles out of the little and big ones alike! All that hard work hanging those tissue honeycomb balls will be put to good use. Are you ready for the 4th at your house? How do you help your family remember the significance of this holiday? Check out our entire line up of 4th of July party supplies!

4th of July Breakfast
June 17, 2015

The 4th of July is such a fun holiday that lasts all day long. Between the parades, carnivals, and fireworks shows you're bound to have a good time. Get your day started off right with a festive patriotic breakfast. Just Artifacts has everything you need to bring the breakfast party to life. Follow these fun ideas to have a delightful morning that your guests are sure to remember.

For today's breakfast we decided to make homemade crepes. Crepes are an easy meal to prepare for big or small groups. French toast, waffles, or pancakes would also be easy. When doing a breakfast bar like this you can pick and choose all your favorite toppings. Use ice cream cups with some wooden spoons to let your guests decide their personal favorites. The ice cream cups are not only practical, but they are bright and cheerful as well.

For the drinks you can get paper cups in red and blue. Be sure to get festive paper straws as well. To liven up the straws you can put some washi flags on some of them or all of them, depending on your preference. Serve up some ice water garnished with strawberries or any of your favorite juices.

To minimize the post breakfast clean up don't forget to remember paper plates, napkins, and cutlery in your favorite designs in red and blue. As an added bonus don't forget to pick up some table cloths as well (not pictured). For decoration you can get some mini paper lanterns for the table or bigger ones to hang. Just Artifacts also carries bunting to hang behind or in front of the table.

Just looking at these crepes should be inspiration enough to throw a breakfast party. Be sure to stock up on all your holiday supplies now so you can enjoy your day! Are you having a 4th of July celebration this year? Do you like to spend the holiday with friends or family or both? What is your favorite activity to do on the 4th? Be sure to check out Just Artifacts entire line up of red, white, and blue party supplies and decorations! You're bound to find the perfect addition to any party you are having, no matter what time of day you are celebrating.

Father's Day Treat Ideas
June 10, 2015

Last week we shared three ways to make your Father's Day cake more fun and today we have two more ideas for desserts to enjoy. Just Artifacts makes the holiday come to life with their array of colors and designs for all your party needs.

First we have the Gone Fishin' cupcakes. For these cupcakes you will need:
First you will need to bake and frost your cupcakes. Use blue frosting to represent the water. Then wrap your cupcake wrapper around your cupcake.

The fishing pole is really easy to make. Cut off about a four inch piece of twine. Tie the end of the twine to the end of your toothpick. Stick the toothpick into the cupcake. Position the string so that it sticks into the frosting at the end of the string push your goldfish or Swedish fish lightly into the frosting.

If you don't have time for cupcakes, or you do have time but want more treats, then you will want to scoop up some ice cream. You will need: Dish up your ice cream into the cups and douse the ice cream in chocolate sauce. Yum!! Obviously you can use any other of your favorite ice cream toppings here. Decorate paper straws with some flags at the top. When you're all set to serve the ice cream insert the straw into the ice cream. You can either just give the dads a flag or you can make one for each of your guests.

Don't forget to also pick up paper party plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery. They will make any old dinner or dessert party a true fiesta!

There are so many fun treat options out there for Father's Day. Cupcakes and ice cream are a sure win, but what will you be making? Are you planning to make a whole dinner, eat out, grab some pizza, or just throw something on the BBQ? How else besides food do you like to celebrate the fathers in your life? Do you go boating, head out on a bike ride, go to the park?

Father's Day: 1 cake 3 ways
June 3, 2015

Dads don't always want a lot of attention on Father's Day, but I think we can all agree that it's a really good excuse to eat chocolate cake. Finding a way to liven up the cake is a small way to show that you care. Today we took one cake and decorated it three different ways to help you get some inspiration to celebrate the special dads in your life.

Chocolate Royalty: This first cake is the easiest. You just need the cake and a paper crown. Here at Just Artifacts we offer two types of crowns, one for kings and one for queens. Naturally, we used the crown hat for a king. We had to cut it a little smaller to make it fit properly on our little cake. Once you have the cake you just play around with the crown until it looks how you want it. Then cut it and use tape to keep it closed. A cake fit for a king...or at least your favorite dad!

Banner-ific: This beauty will take a few minutes longer, but the possibilities are endless! We shared a tutorial on how to do cake bunting previously. You can find it here. You will need some paper straws, baker's twine, and washi tape. That's it! Be sure to pick them out in your special father's favorite colors and you're all set to go. Don't forget to add some paper mustache straw flags to your cake stand to toughen it up a bit.

I Mustache Dad a Question: Grab some scissors and your favorite paper and customize this cake just for dad! You will need letters cut out for "dad" or any other name you'd prefer like "papa", "pops", or "old man". Use some washi tape and adhere the letters onto the tops of paper straws. Don't forget to include a couple more straws with mustaches. Stick the straws into the top of the cake according to how you want it to look and you're all set to go!

Does your favorite dad like chocolate cake or a different flavor? Do you do anything special on Father's Day? Don't forget to check out Just Artifacts line of tableware for all your paper product needs. Don't forget party plates, napkins, and cutlery to serve the cake!


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