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Inspiration and DIY Ideas - August 2015


Ready Set Go! race car party
August 26, 2015

There is something special about little boys and race cars! Today we have a perfect race car theme party for the perfect birthday boy in your life. We chose to do red, black, and white stripes and chevron. By having two colors and prints we are able to make the whole party look more cohesive.

One of our favorite touches to this party was the use of little race cars throughout the table. This added some color and dimension. Plus when little boys go up to the table they don't just take the sweet stuff, but the cars too. We sprinkled some fun sprinkles in with the popcorn to liven it up a bit. These popcorn boxes are perfect for grab and go snacks.

With a fun table cloth, napkins, and party plates we were all set for guests to arrive. Since this party was for a two year old we opted for finger food only, but some matching wooden cutlery would be perfect right alongside the plates.

Ice cream cups are perfect for ice cream, but they're also ideal for more grab and go finger snacks. When doing a party with toddlers and little kids it's nice to offer snacks in small amounts so they have something to carry around without making too big of a mess when it spills everywhere. Which leads us to the fact that although this party was inside, we recommend hosting a two year old party outside.

Grab some matching paper straws and washi tape for the drinks. Kids love straws. Add on some flags and they think they are so grown up. Either put flags on all the straws or just some and it'll be sure to look good and be a big hit. And don't forget the party cups of course!

With cupcake wrappers in place you can keep the tops of the cupcakes pretty simple. For the cupcake toppers we cut down paper straws. We found some race car stickers at a local store. On half of the cupcakes we put washi flags with racing stickers on them and on the other half we just put race car stickers. We also found some race car sprinkles to put on top. They turned out so fun and of course all little boys love chocolate.

Add some foil balloons and flag bunting and you have the perfect finishing touches to your party! Do you know a little boy that would love a race car party? Is there anything you would add or take away? Do you like the red, black, and white or would you do different colors?

Back to School table setting
August 19, 2015

Do your kids get nervous before school starts? New teachers, new friends, new schools maybe. Ease those first day of school jitters with a fun place setting for breakfast on the first day with these fun products from Just Artifacts. Just add a few items from the teacher list and you are all set to go. Oh and the food of course. We opted for a green and red apple theme to tie everything together.

For this set up we used square paper party plates, party napkins, wooden cutlery, mason jars with daisy lids, and paper straws. We folded the napkins above the square plate to make it look like a school house. If you're serving a bigger group or younger kids then feel free to grab some paper party cups to avoid any potential disasters.

Be sure to include little gifts for the new students to help them get excited for the first day. New crayons, new pencils, and little notebooks for all the back to school to do lists they want to make. We used some baker's twine to tie a little pencil onto the cutlery. We added a little sticker to the cutlery to stay with the apple theme.

Let your student know they are a star student with star paper straws, star washi flags, and daisy lids.

To make these cute apple decorations you will need some mini paper lanterns, paper straws, and washi tape. Cut the straw to the desired length. Pinch the bottom of the straw and position it into the top of the lantern. Use the washi tape to make a leaf coming off the straw.

Are your kids already back in school? If so, you can do this at any time and help your kids get even more excited for school to start. Would you rather do this for breakfast on the first day or dinner the night before? Do you have any back to school traditions you do every year? What's the hardest part for you when kids go back to school? What about the hardest part for your kids? Be sure to check out our pinterest page for lots more ideas and inspiration!

Back to school teacher gifts
August 13, 2015

Summer days are getting shorter and that just means one thing. School is just around the corner, if it hasn't already started. Whether this is your first time sending a kid off to school or your tenth, get on the good side of your new teacher with a fun teacher gift. Just Artifacts takes a boring little gift and makes it fabulous with their fun products.

In addition to standard teacher needs (pencils, scissors, hand sanitizer, note pads, stickers, candy, and a gift card) you will need:
  • Fry box or popcorn box
  • washi tape
  • gift tags
  • baker's twine
First we made a little gift in a fry box. The fry box is fun because you can see more of everything that's inside and it stands up. Start by putting the bigger items in first and then arrange the smaller items around them. If everything doesn't fit, don't include it. Presentation will make enough of an impact. Use the twine to attach the gift tag to the gift. Just in case they forget, you can also put who it's from either on the front or back.

Next we went with a popcorn box. These also can stand up right and they fit more goodies inside. There are a couple of rolls of washi tape at the bottom and all sorts of other secret surprises. Again, we used the twine to attach the name to the box.

These gift tags are so fun. They come in an array of colors and patterns. Some of them have these white spaces in the middle for writing in and some are solid patterns. Don't wait, go check out all the options now. Giving gifts has never been so fun and colorful!

Your favorite teacher will love this gift. The beginning of the year is always a bit stressful for teachers as they teach new routines and organize classroom chaos. These gifts are sure to be a ray of sunshine amidst the storm. Do you have any kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews starting school this year? Have they already started or do they get to enjoy summer a little longer? How do you like to show teachers that you appreciate their hard work?

Tissue Pom Flowers!
August 5, 2015

Are you getting bored of the same old tissue poms at your parties? Be bored no more with Just Artifacts fresh line up of tissue paper flowers. With a variety of colors to choose from you can find the perfect flower for each and every occasion. Whether it's a garden party with friends, new decor for your daughter's room, or celebrating the upcoming nuptials of your best friend, these tissue flowers are sure to be a big hit!

They come packaged just like tissue poms, but they are much easier to fluff out. For full instructions on how to fluff a tissue pom click here. In addition to the full instructions we have a couple of pointers for you.

The inner most layer is the most difficult to fluff out and therefore will take the longest. Just be patient. Once you do a couple you will find a rhythm that works best for you. This layer is difficult because the pieces are pretty short. Do your best to pull up each layer as far up as possible toward the center. The closer to the center you get, the more smoothly the rest of the layers will be to pull up.

At first it may be easier to pull up all three inner layers at once and then separate from there. Otherwise you can pull up each layer separately. Just try to see what works best for you.

Once you have separated each of the layers, be sure to fluff the layers out to make it look like a flower. This will also enable you to see the middle of the flower which is what sets these apart from other tissue poms. The picture below shows what the flower (should hopefully) look like right after separating the layers.

Remember you're working with tissue paper and it's fragile. If you rip it on accident, it's fine, just remember to be careful. If you do rip it you can typically hide the rips during the fluffing stage.

Are you excited to try these out? Don't be intimidated by them, they're not too tricky to figure out. Be sure to check us out on Pinterest and use #justartifacts so we can find you on all social media outlets!


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