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Inspiration and DIY Ideas - September 2015


Treat bag spiders
September 30, 2015

Witches are in the air, black cats in the alleyways, and ghosts looming behind the curtains. That can only mean one thing. Halloween is just around the corner! It's only a matter of time before the streets will be filled with costume clad trick or treaters begging for treats and not tricks. It's also a great time to get together with friends and family to celebrate the season. Today we have a fun tutorial for you to get in the Halloween spirit for your upcoming party. It'll be sure to give your guests a chill (well at least a laugh or two).

You will need:

Roll or scrunch up the plastic sack and insert it into the treat bag. Close up the bag with baker's twine and tie it into a knot. You will want to tie the knot about 1/3 of the way down. This will create the body of the spider and allow some space for the head. Once the twine is secure, use the hot glue gun to glue down the bottom corners to make the body look more round.

Fold the edge of the bag inside to hide the jagged edge.

Using the hot glue gun, make a stripe of glue around the eye balls one at a time and insert them into the top of the bag. Wrap the edge of the bag around the eye balls and position them where you think they look best.

You will need four paper straws per spider. Take your straws and fold them in half and then fold each half in half. They will have three folds all together with four sections (see picture above). Use your glue gun and glue a stripe underneath the spider down the middle. Position the spider legs along the stripe in the direction that you want them to go. Try to spread them out a little so that the spider can stand up on it's own. Lay the spider upside down and allow to dry and cool off completely. And you're done!

There are so many fun things you can do with your spider! We decided to use ours to add the perfect touch to our Halloween cake. What will you do with your spiders? Some ideas include hanging them from the ceiling, place them in a windowsill, or add extra decor to your food table. What colors do you like best? We couldn't decide. Be sure to tag us in all your Halloween crafts and decorations with #justartifacts.

5 fall wedding ideas with baker's twine
September 23, 2015

Fall wedding season is upon us. Church bells are ringing, leaves are falling, and the hills are changing colors. What a beautiful time of year to make life long commitments with your best friend. Here at Just Artifacts we are excited to share 5 DIY ideas for your special autumn day. Baker's twine comes in every color that you can think of. For this post we used both the 12 ply twine and the 4 ply twine. For these projects we recommend using the 12 ply twine in your main wedding color and then adding the 4 ply twine as an accent color. The two different twines create a great combination of colors and textures, and you don't have to stop at two colors!

First we have mason jars all ready to go for your wedding dinner or luncheon. Tie some red and orange twine around a mason jar and top it with an orange daisy lid. Be sure to grab some of our new metallic gold paper straws to complete the fall look. You can add some leaves or flowers under the twine to match the flowers on the table.

Up next we have a great way to personalize your appetizer or treat table. Use your personal wedding monogram and glue it onto some popcorn boxes (in your favorite fall colors of course) and top it off with some twine tied neatly with a bow. You can add a spot of glue to help keep the twine from falling down.

You can't forget gifts for your bridesmaids. Use twine to wrap up the gifts with some fall leaves in your favorite colors. You will want a gift tag to personalize each gift for the special friend in your life. While you're at it be sure to check out our vast selection of washi tapes to wrap up the gifts!

Complete your fall tablescape with fall leaves tied around candles. Just Artifacts has a various selection of candles that will warm up your celebration. You can even find them flameless to avoid any potential hazards.

And finally we have wooden cutlery tied up with napkins all ready to go for your guests. Just stack up the cutlery in coordinating colors and wrap them up in napkins. Tie it with a bow and leave it out for guests to grab at a buffet style lunch or set the up on the tables for a quick dinner set up.

Do you love fall as much as we do? Do you like to do as many things your self as you can to celebrate the big day? What's your favorite part of fall weddings? Be sure to tag us in all your fall wedding projects with #justartifacts.


Pumpkin tissue pom garland
September 16, 2015

Falling leaves, pumpkin spices, and cozy sweaters are making their way into our lives. This can only mean one thing! Fall is here and we couldn't be more happy about it. Today we have an easy tutorial to adorn your home or party and get you even more excited for the cooler weather and falling leaves.

You will need:
  • Tissue poms. We chose 5 each of orange and white in the 5"-6" size. Brown and gold may also be fun.
  • Green construction paper.
  • Baker's Twine
  • Scissors
  • Tape
The first thing you will need to do is fluff up those tissue poms (click here for instructions). The number of tissue poms you need will be determined by how long you want your garland to be. You will also need to decide how much space you want between the poms.

You will attach the poms individually to the baker's twine. Using the ribbon from the pom, tie it to the twine with a knot. Cut off the excess ribbon when you're done.

Once all of your poms are attached, it's time to get your pumpkin stems ready. How big you cut them will depend on what size poms you chose. These are about an inch and a half wide and a couple inches long. We shaped them like stems as you can see.

You will use the knots from the ribbon to tape the stems on. Use two pieces of tape. One on each side. extend the tape down onto the ribbon to ensure that it stays in the upward direction.

Once your stems are in place you are all set to go! Add some loops onto the ends and hang it up where ever you desire.

This garland would look so fun to liven up a play room. It would be perfect for a party. How fun would it look in a classroom!? Where would you use this garland? Are you having any fall parties this year? Be sure to check out our pinterest page for even more ideas and inspiration.

Fall wedding candy buffet
September 9, 2015

Are you ready to "fall into love" this year? Today we have a charming way to help you celebrate all the sweet things in your life. Whether you're getting ready to shower a soon to be bride or treat your wedding guests to some treats, this is a cheerful and colorful spread to make it memorable. Just Artifacts has just about everything you need to bring this to life at your next celebration.

For the back drop we hung a burlap table runner on the wall. This helps the letters on the banner to pop out more. To make the banner we cut out the letters for "fall into love" in different card stock. Using a hole punch we punched holes into the tops of the letters. We strung the letters together using baker's twine. Hint: the secret to getting the letters to lay flat on the wall is double sided tape. Above the banner we used an assortment of paper pinwheels in difference sizes and colors. We used red, orange, yellow, and white because we wanted fall colors, but we also wanted the overall feel to be bright and cheerful. We added the extra blue and green into the decorations to contrast with the bright colors.

We chose some delicious fall candies to go with the fall theme. We set out some paper treat bags for the guests. They can pick and choose their favorite assortment of candies to take home with them. This makes for a great party favor. We also set out coordinating wooden cutlery to serve up the candies. Spoons and forks are perfect for scooping up treats.

We filled up coordinating ice cream cups with all our favorite candies and treats.

To add some more color and dimension to our candy spread we stacked cake stands in matching colors and filled the layers with even more candy.

We love how we incorporated bright colors into a fall theme. What do you think? What is your favorite part about fall? Do you have a favorite seasonal candy that we missed? Are you having a fall wedding this year or throwing a shower for a friend? We'd love to see what you come up with so be sure to tag #justartifacts in your pictures! Be sure to check out our pinterest page for even more ideas and inspiration.

Pink and Gold Baby Shower
September 2, 2015

Pink is the perfect color to welcome a new baby girl into the world. Pair it with gold and you're set to raise a princess. Today's post today is all about the perfect touches to hosting a perfect shower for a perfect baby girl. Just Artifacts has you covered for all your decorating needs. Just add some delectable treats and a little love and you're set to make the "mom to be" feel like royalty.

We were really excited to incorporate the new flower tissue poms into the background. They really tied everything together perfectly between the table and the decorations. When hanging decorations on walls it is more pleasing to look at when there is an odd number of items. This is why we did a few pink poms and a couple of gold ones. The different sizes and shapes of the poms do make a difference. The gold poms we used are a smaller size than the pink ones.

The fresh flowers on the table paired with the lanterns give the table a more comfortable and sweet touch. Add in a couple of baby girl printables in frames and you can't go wrong.

Delicious (and pretty) treats are a must! For this shower we had a couple difference types of cookies and treats, a selection of salads, some tasty little sandwiches, and fresh fruit and veggies. It was a perfect combination for a light lunch spent with close friends and family.

The drink table was just off to the side. Again, we hung some tissue poms above and then tied everything in together with fresh flowers and a lantern. By doing food and drinks separate, but in the same room, it keeps the crowd moving.

Do you have a shower coming up? Boy or girl? Are you loving the trend of gold accents or do you like more bright colors together? What's your favorite color combination for baby girl? Be sure to check out our pinterest page for even more great ideas!


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