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Lotus Floating Water Lantern Instruction from Manufacturer

Lotus Floating Water Lantern Instruction from Manufacturer

  • Open the package;
  • Put the base side face down;
  • Write your wishes on the petals;
  • Upright the petals to form the lotus shape;
  • Put the tealight candle in the middle of the lotus flower;
  • Light the candle;
  • Put the lantern lightly on the water.


  1. Choose an open wide water area to float your lanterns;
  2. DO NOT float your lanterns in the area where may damage the environment;
  3. Children using the Water Lantern should be under adult supervision.


On opening this product, you accept all responsibilities for any personal injury, civil damage claims or criminal charges that result from the lotus water lanterns. Floating lotus water lanterns in inappropriate surrounding may cause fires.




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