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How to Hang Paper Lanterns

Hanging Paper Lanterns

Assembly Instructions:

  1. 1. Carefully expand the lantern.

  2. 2. Insert the rectangular wire "expander" through the opening at the top of the lantern.

  3. 3. Carefully bend the expander inside the lantern and match convex B to eyelet A for both sides.

  4. 4. Pass the electrical cord through metal wire C at the top of the expander.

  5. 5. Adjust the length of the cord until it is at a desired length (the bulb should ideally be in the middle of the lantern).

If you are using one of our battery operated LED lights, disregard steps 4 and 5.

User manual of paper lantern

Paper lantern top

Paper lantern bottom


Are you ready to hang your lantern?

Once your lantern is assembled and ready to go, you can begin decorating your space by hanging your lanterns. Hanging your lantern is quite simple, but first you should know what kind of affect you want your lantern to have. Below are instructions, followed by a few ideas for your lanterns.

Begin by choosing what you would like to use to hang your lantern. There are endless possibilities. We recommend our Eco Friendly Cotton Bakers Twine or our Monofilament fishing line. Bakers Twine can help enhance your color palette and will allow you to coordinate the colors of your lanterns with the twine. The Eco Friendly Cotton Bakers Twine provides an extra pop of color. This is a great idea for birthday parties or baby showers.

Tie the twine to the hook at the top of the lantern. If you are using your lanterns inside you may attach the twine to the ceiling with tiny eye hooks or clear thumbtacks. If you don’t want to tie the twine to your lantern, the bakers twine is thin enough to allow you to make a loop through the hook at the top of the lantern. This is a good idea for indoor events, since your lantern will not be moving much inside. If you would like to use your lanterns outside you can hang them from the supports in tents or in trees.

If your lanterns are for use during an evening or night event, our LED Flashlight will provide the most light. Our LED Flashlights provide a bright light that lasts for 24-30 hours continuously. Just one LED Flashlight is needed for lanterns 6”-12”. For our bigger sized lanterns 2-5 LED Flashlights can be used in one lantern. For a softer glow try our LED Light bulbs. These bulbs last 4-5 hours continuously and one bulb can be used for lanterns 6”-12”. Like our LED Flashlights, 2-5 LED Light Bulbs can be used for our bigger sized lanterns. Both of these LED lights are battery operated, and for one time use if burned continuously.

If you are using your lanterns more for home décor purposes, such a mobile in a nursery, you can hang your lanterns in a different way. You can use thick white thread to tie around the hook of your lanterns, making the thread vary in length so each lantern is higher or lower than the one next to it, and attach to a mobile frame.

If you are looking to have your paper lanterns appear to be floating in the air try fishing line!

This technique is great for weddings. You can hang your lanterns individually with the fishing line, or string them together along a couple long pieces of fishing line. To string your lanterns together, stretch your long pieces of fishing line over the space you want your lanterns to cover. We recommend using a couple pieces of the long fishing line for extra support. Next, measure and cut the fishing line that will be used for your lanterns, and tie the fishing line to your lanterns. Finally, tie the fishing line attached to the lantern onto the lines stretched across the space you want your lanterns to hang. Space the lanterns along the line as preferred. This works well for indoor and outdoor events.

The arrangement in which you choose to hang your lanterns can draw attention to certain areas of your event or home. Using lanterns of different sizes can create depth, and arranging your lanterns all together in clusters can create points of convergence. Now you know how to hang your lantern, and now your lantern can brighten up any event.

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