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Colorful paper lanterns are a fun and easy way to add decorations to an indoor or outdoor party, but they are more than just party decorations. They can be used as everyday accessories in your home, child’s bedroom, or game room. Our manufacturers create them in multicolor themes, Chinese lanterns, and for wedding decorations specifically.

If you are looking for round lantern globes to hang, we have a variety of colors. The hues range from every color between white and black plus gold and silver. The round globes are available in 11 different diameters, which range from a small 3 inches to 24 inches. There are even larger sizes that extend to 36 inches, and they are in white only.

Our patterned round lanterns were created to match themes. They cover broad categories including but not limited to mermaids, sports, and nautical ideas. In addition, we offer a criss-cross pattern, which curves back and forth across the circle, and the eyelet globes. They allow light to shine through their delicate holes.

Some parties or rooms will pair up nicely with the custom shaped paper lanterns. The mushroom lantern stands over 12 inches, and the cap is in various colors of polka dots. If you are decorating a den or having a sports-themed party, our pattern lanterns come in football, baseball, and soccer ball shapes. Hot air balloon lanterns look like the real ones floating across the sky, and we have plenty of varieties of balloons to choose from.

For special occasions or weddings, some glamour might be in order. The glitter round paper lanterns shine in silver, gold, and mixed patterns of silver, gold, and white. Our star lanterns have a three-dimensional feel as the centers jet out. They have mini star-shaped cutouts that will enhance any light in it or behind it, and they come in solid colors as well as patterns. The traditional stars have five points, and for more contrasts, use the starbursts, which have up to 24 points.

Shop with us today for beautiful paper lanterns that add a unique look to your party decor!

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