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How to Fly Floating Sky Lanterns

Sky Lantern Instruction

Sky lanterns are fun to use and easy to assemble! Remove your lantern and fuel cell from the packaging and let's get started.

To assemble your sky lantern, begin by first placing an unwrapped fuel cell over the crossed wire at the hole on the bottom of the sky lantern. (Keep in mind that the fuel cell is the wax block, about the size of a post it, and does not actually contain any fuel) Pull the looped wires through the hole in the fuel cell. Then, spread the looped wires apart, and press them flat around the cell to secure it to the lantern. Now your lantern is assembled! Next, follow the steps below.

  1. 1. Once assembled, gently air out your sky lantern similar to airing out a trash bag. Please remember to be careful when airing out your sky lantern in order to prevent tears or rips.

  2. 2. Tilt your sky lantern slightly in order to light. One person should be holding the Sky Lantern while another person lights the fuel cell. We recommend using a long barbeque lighter to light your lantern.

  3. 3. Wait for the fuel cell to be fully lit, and tilt your lantern back into the upright position. Now, wait for your lantern to be filled with hot air. (Your lantern will not rise correctly if it has not been completely filled with the hot air provided by the fuel cell.) Next, slowly release the lantern, adjusting it as it rises so that it stays squarely over the lit fuel cell.

  4. 4. Release the lantern when it starts rising straight up.

Congratulations you just assembled and lit your sky lantern! Enjoy.


Never fly your sky lantern if there is any evident wind present. To ensure a safe launch, only fly your Sky Lantern on days with calm weather conditions. Wind can result in your Sky Lantern falling back to earth, or flying into other items before it has safely reached the desired altitude. Occurrences such as these can cause your sky lantern to possibly start a fire. We advise all Sky Lantern users and participants to please be careful and use sound judgment.

Please review the following rules and guidelines below:

  • Choose an open windless area to fly your lantern. Stay away from flammable objects, tall buildings, and airports when using the Sky Lanterns. Look for places with open, uncovered skies when flying, and only use Sky Lanterns that are made from fire resistant materials

  • Never fly your Sky Lanterns within 5 miles of an airport.

  • Keep Sky Lanterns away from children unless properly supervised by adults.

  • The Sky Lanterns can only be used with the accompanying fuel cell, DO NOT try to replace with other flammable objects.

  • Sky Lanterns should be allowed to fly freely once they are fully lit, DO NOT hold it down for long periods of time.

  • DO NOT hang anything under the Sky Lantern.

  • Never allow others, or yourself to handle sky lanterns while under the influence.

  • For safety precautions wear fire resistant clothing when handling Sky Lanterns. Please keep a fire extinguisher present when using Sky Lanterns in case of emergencies.

  • Do not use Sky Lanterns that have been damaged or torn.


On purchasing Sky Lanterns from Just Artifacts you accept all responsibility for any personal injury, civil damages, claims, or criminal charges that result from the release of the Sky Lanterns. We advise checking with your local Fire Marshall to ensure sky lanterns are not prohibited in your area.

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